28 July 2016

End-of-Summer Bargain Shopping Deals

It's a great time to score on lots of end of season bargains you might need for your home and yard. Our bare backyard could definitely use some furniture and other things and we'll work on that little by little.

image via Houzz

Here are a few great items to be watching for here (both instore and online) in the last week of July and beginning of August.

  • Beach Towels -- Last year I picked up 10 matching beach towels to have on hand for pool parties for just $6 a piece. They are beautiful striped towels that we keep for when we have guests. We have a huge stack of more worn but plenty serviceable towels for everyday use but it's great to have a stack of guest-ready towels on hand all the time.
  • Patio Furniture -- many retails stores have already cleared out most of their summer furniture, so it's good to start looking mid-July. But there are lots of great deals on dining sets, outdoor sofas and sectionals and comfortable seating online and there is still lots of time to enjoy it outdoors before late fall. Maybe you need a replacement umbrella or replacement cushions for furnitures. There are some great options out there at good prices.
  • Pool Toys & Equipment -- You can find all kinds of toys and swimming gear on clearance right now. This year we've added quite a bit to our water toys stash but I am hoping to grab some workout fins in the next couple of weeks. Have seen the on clearance online for $12 in a multitude of colors.
  • Swim Wear -- Lots of great deals out there right now. It's the perfect time to pick up a new suit for your winter, tropical vacation or to get new sizes for growing kids that will see them through Summer 2017. Think about water shoes and cover-ups if needed too.
  • Summer Clothes -- When I lived in a coastal climate, this was a great time to load up on clearance priced sandals and summer wear that would carry me throughout the year. Warm weather shoes were always an especially good deal right now.
 I try to remember to put a little extra money aside each July to purchase some of these items that I know we'll need when I can save a bundle on them. Back to school shopping starts up about now too, so that's another expense to add to the budget.

This year I think we may completely skip school shopping all together because kiddo somehow ended up with so much clothing last year that still fits her that she has barely worn. Since she's just gone through a growth spurt, I imagine there will be another one in a few months so I'm thinking we save our money for mid-year when it's very likely that all the clothing in her closet will suddenly, overnight be too small for her and we'll need new everything.

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