16 August 2016

Buy A Swimsuit That Makes You Happy - Here's Mine

It's a good time to stock on on bathing suits at a great price for the rest of this summer and going into next summer - or hopefully you have a fabulous winter vacation to a warm destination planned. I mentioned this in my last blog post. I wanted to share with you the great suits I got last month that I have really been enjoying. After the arrived, I realized that this style works so well for all sorts of beach and pool activities.

This is the Land's End Blouson Tankini Top in Polkadot. It comes in a lot of different colors and patterns and you can buy your bottoms separately so that you can really mix and match them. The other great thing about these suits is that they come in a variety of size options. I'm thrilled to be able to buy a Long/Tall in any top I can find, especially a bathing suit top! So I was able to get a size that works great for me.

The thing I really love about this suit is that it is so comfortable and you can wear it styled a lot of different ways for outdoor summer parties. I've worn it with a regular skirt for pool parties or after a swim and it works with swim boyshorts, a swim skirt or bikini bottoms. I also got this suit top in all black because I thought it would pair great with anything colorful. Both would be really cute with a sarong or maxi skirt too. This top doesn't scream swimsuit top when it's paired with pants, shorts or skirts. There is an good bra on the interior so you get some support there too. The bottom band stays in place well too. The other great part about it is that it's comfortable and not fitted. You can lounge comfortably without worry about how your midsection looks all the time.

In our new neighborhood there are are a lot of families who have pools. I'm realizing more and more every week that there is a reason people in the southwest have swimming pools -- IT'S HOT. Most of the summer the temps have hovered right around 100 degrees and it's fantastic to have a pool to cool off in during the afternoon or end of day. It's amazing how a nice cool swim in an unheated pool will keep your body temps very comfortable for the rest of the day.

I think the backside of these tops are so cute too with unique straps and I think they just just this suit a little extra bit of fun personality. For one party we went to I paired the polkadot top with my black skirt and a ponytail with a blue and white striped ribbon which gave my pool look an added bit of sophistication.

Swimming and swimming parties have been a big part of our summer. One of the reasons I invested in some swimsuits I really like is because a year or so ago I committed to not being the mom who never puts on a bathing suit, doesn't get wet, who doesn't swim, and who sits at the side of the pool totally dressed watching everyone else have fun and enjoy cooling off. So having swimwear that I like is a huge part of that.

I have worn both of these quite a bit and I have felt pretty, comfortable and happy with them each time I have worn them. For a swimsuit, I consider that a pretty great recommendation. Plus I shopped these on sale so I got a great price and they will carry me through the winter when I hit the gym pool or for any vacations. These are not workout suits so if you're doing some serious lap swimming I would buy a more traditional one-piece lap pool suit, but for just about anything else these work great. I wear them for my aqua workouts all the time and they work well.

I'm so happy to see stores and so many young, new online shops offering more and more options for swimwear. Everyone of all shapes and sizes and ages deserves a good cooling off in a pool and being able to find something that suits many types and personalities is such a great thing. If you're unhappy with your bathing suits or watching your kids from the edge of the pool missing out on all the fun, try finding something new that really fits your style. It's a great time to snag some end of season deals.

I've written several posts of our new life as pool owners and living in a community with a real "pool culture". You can find more pool posts including workout ideas, toys and more here.

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