05 July 2016

Workout Equipment For The Pool

The long July 4th holiday weekend really woke me up to the fact that it is summer and I have been missing out! We went to two pool parties on Monday with a 90-minute nap between the two. We were wiped out by the time we got home at 10 p.m. Last week I really started focusing on feeding my family all the good summer foods and making lots of salads. I can't tell you how happy this new summer spirit has made me feel. Last night I was at the kitchen sink preparing dinner feeling so elated that I was enjoying summer and I felt so happy.

After we realized we were buying a house with a pool last year, I  took inspiration from a friend and decided that during the hot summer, working out in the pool sounded a lot better than chugging away in a hot, stuffy gym (although I'm still going to the gym) or outside in the blazing sun and heat (I'm still plannung more hikes and walks too). So last fall I created a pinterest board, called Pool Life, for all things swimming pool including every aqua workout I could find. The next step was to buy some workout gear for the pool.

I was going to buy the same aqua belt that my friend had, which cost about $55-$130 depending on features. But then I did a little more research on Swimoutlet.com and found customer referrals that said the one for $17, from Sporti, worked just was well as the more expensive brand. I was thrilled! I ended up order a belt for both me and a junior belt Kiddo which cost $14.

My husband has purchased sneakers from Swimoutlet.com, their product line isn't just swim gear. He has always been happy with purchases from there so I knew they were a trusted resource.

 I also wanted to get webbed gloves and water dumbbells and found the best prices for both at Swimoutlet as well after comparing major retailers, especially that big one that starts with A. Swimoutlet also has a really robust customer comment link. All the products I looked at had several hundred positive reviews and I read through enough to know that I could trust what I was hearing from the users.

In the end I ended up only spending about $80 for all that water workout equipment for both Kiddo and myself rather than expecting to spend that only for a belt and gloves for myself. Plus shipping was free although it took about 5 days to arrive, which in the day of Amazon Prime feels like an eternity, but it arrived nonetheless and I didn't pay shipping. Such a great deal. I was so glad I did my research instead of just going with what I thought I knew about pool workout belts and gloves. We've already broken a pair of goggles this week so I imagine my next purchase may be a bunch of new goggles.

We've done two days of pool workouts so far and we've used all the equipment and loved it. The belts are great. Yesterday I did about 90 minutes of arms and legs workout in the pool. We have also found that pool noodles make great barbells and other tools to help with our workouts. I continue to add new moves to the routine and to read up on suggestions each day. I can definitely feel the burn. Last night six hours after the workout my arms still felt like noodles. I was feeling it in the core and legs too. The other great part about pool workouts is that it gets us outside in the fresh air for a nice chunk of time and I'm getting a little sun on my cheeks which they needed after the winter and too many hours indoors since we moved.

Once I started getting in the pool every day I realized that my swimsuit situation is in need of attention. After being invited to two pool parties this week, plus daily workouts, it's clear that having a good supply of swimsuits you can rotate through is a good thing. So I ordered some new stuff last weekend and will share it with you soon.

If you're working out in the pool this summer I'd love to hear what you are doing! Please share in the comments.

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