13 July 2016

Wisdoms From Stasia Savasuk at Design Mom

Sometimes you read something that speaks to you and you realize that what you are reading has encapsulated things of great importance to you that you have not been able to so succinctly capture until the moment you read them in someone else's words.

The amazing thing is that after I read this week's "Living With Kids:Stasia Savasuk" post at
Design Mom I went to the comments and starting reading comments from others who had been strongly moved by Stasia's words. Surprisingly in the comments I saw more amazing quotes from the piece that I obviously totally and complete missed. I will definitely go back and read this one.

This post is a great read for anyone who has ever not felt quite themselves, has struggled with how to express themselves through what they wear and how their home looks and how they care for themselves. I really think there is something for everyone here.

The things that stood out to me most were three things and I almost don't want to mention them so that I don't color your own perspective if you go over and look at this post. But here they are:

1) When we hide (protect ourselves from shame, vulnerability, and Oh-my-goodness-what-will-they-say) we make ourselves LESS POWERFUL. Knowing who you are, and presenting that knowing on the outside is life changing.

2) There is no such thing as balance, just choices. Be better at accepting those choices rather than getting flustered because I can't do all thing perfectly all the time.

3) Adversity when paired with fierce love, creates whole humans. Whole humans are flexible, honest, confident, creative and above all else loving.

You can read the full post and see Stasia and her expressions of home, family and personal style here.

I'd love to hear in the comments below what stood out to you. I'm very interested to see this piece through other's eyes!

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