11 July 2016

Shoes For Summer And Fall: Clogs

I should've posted a story yesterday about an encounter I had last week with a rattlesnake but writing it stressed me out so much I couldn't finish it. Agh. Traumatized. So instead I'll post a pretty shoe update. Since the broken foot and cast season which has lasted pretty much the first seven months of this year -- and I still haven't started official physical therapy sessions yet.  Anyway, the foot is still causing problems and the daily swelling still makes it impossible for me to wear most of my shoes. So I was definitely in need of some new footwear that doesn't make me feel like Frankenstein or look like I'm headed for the beach.

I have been wanting some medium height clog sandals all year so I finally went for yesterday. These are all Clarks brand 'm going to share by the way. I got a good sale price by doing some price comparisons online. I love these, they're named Ledella Trail. I don't know why but I seem to have a thing for footwear in funky colors.  I think these will look great with jeans, a skirt or dressier pants as well. Fun color for summer and fall. Now I just need to get a pedicure. Pedis aren't lasting as long as usual being in the pool multiple times per week

These also come in a black and tan. I couldn't find a good deal on the tan but I did also pick up the black pair. I am a girl who buys multiples when I find things I like and I thought a black pair would go with anything this grenadine color doesn't.

Heeled clogs always seem to work for me and just make me feel very much myself. I've been a clogs fan since birth I think or at least since I was very, very young. I may be half Polynesian, but my quarter Danish side - the sweater and clog loving side - is definitely strong.  I haven't had a pair that I really loved for a while, even though I do have a few pair -- in fact one very high pair were what I was wearing when I broke my foot...eeek. Anyway I always love a good classic pair of brown leather shoes for fall when everything feels tweedy, wooly and cozy. I saw these and sensed perfection.

Don't these just shout "Back to School" and wool tights and cable knit sweaters! They're named Ledella York and the color is Nutmeg - a perfect name for a fall shoe, no? Can't wait to get all of these. I got free expedited shipping so they should be here by the end of the week. Just in time for the weekend and an upcoming little trip.

I ended up ordering all three pair in a size larger than normal to accommodate foot swelling which I anticipate will be happening for a while still. By the end of the day my foot always hurts and is swollen. My right foot had been painful this year as well after taking on so much wear and tear while my left foot was immobile and then continuing to heal. Poor tired feet. Well I know these new additions to the closet will be just the ticket for helping my poor feet get back to their normal spunky selves!

Now my next move is that I need to sell some shoes. I have a few pairs that I have purchased that I am not wearing and know that I'm not going to be wearing. So they are headed for ebay or some other shoe resale site very soon.

In the stores there are already Christmas decorations going up. Back-to-School sales flyers are already everywhere. Are you ready for fall, school, and the holidays or can you stay sanely in summer for a while longer. I feel like I just started summer at the beginning of July so I have a lot to do still before I think about fall. But it terrifies me a bit that the first day of school is a month from today. So not ready for that! But let's not talk about it.

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