09 March 2016

Planning A Tween Birthday Party

We are smack dab in the middle of planning our first big friend birthday party and to make things even more interesting it is going to be a tween birthday party with 18 girls invited. This should be interesting, dramatic and energetic. Yikes.
We are inviting all the girls Bug's age from church and from her school class. I just didn't see a way to cut the numbers down but of course I am sure we can anticipate that there will be some who cannot attend so the number should be a little smaller.

The image above is a little nod to the invitations I designed for the party. I will post a blank version of the invitation in the next few days. Unfortunately my program crashed just as I was going to start doing that so I have to basically redesign the invite to share with you. Ergh.

Designing the invitation and getting envelopes addressed is really the only major creative endeavor I will do for the upcoming party. Getting the invitations printed was the hardest part. It seems that going to either of the two big box office supply stores to get a little job printed anymore is definitely not as easy as it once was. I went to one brand and they were having computer problems so I wasted 30 minutes standing there for nothing when they offered me the chance to pick them up the next day. They I went to the other brand and they couldn't do them before overnight as well. Super frustrating since I used to be able to pop in and have a quick job like that done in five to ten minutes. Not sure what's changed exactly as far as how they process jobs or whether they have less equipment what. Now it's an overnight project for them to print 12 sheets of paper in color on cardstock apparently. Ergh.

Because of my work schedule AND the fact that I'm now in my third month (!!!) of being in a cast and non-weight-bearing - on crutches, crutch or scooter I am trying to do as little labor for this party as possible. To further complicate this month I am teaching a lesson at church this coming Sunday, have a church activity at our house three days after the party and I have taken on a little side project opportunity that I would be insane to pass up due to its long-term potential benefits.

Everything else has been planned to be very simple. We are ordering pizza and salad and will get a store bought cake and ice cream. Even thought we're buying everything we're buying good quality stuff so we'll eat well and healthy. The great thing is that after doing the budget, I don't think it would be possible for me to make an equally good meal for less money - and this way I'm avoiding a lot of work. Just holding the party will be exhausting enough without taking on a mountain of set up, clean up and more.

We're staying on a tight budget because I have learned how quickly this kind of thing can balloon out of control costwise. There's always one more cute thing you can do, one more darling decoration you can't pass up. I'm doing everything I can to keep that under control.

I think I've come up with a cool craft we can do that will actually not cost anything. Love that. I think they will enjoy it and it's something they can take home with them and enjoy for a while too. The one challenge I am facing is that we don't currently have an outdoor table. Don't tell The Man this but I'm thinking about how I can easily and quickly DIY a table and benches that we can use. I know that sounds crazy but then we'd have something outside for the entire summer. Maybe I can do something like this for a table and benches along this style. Another table option would be something like this. Nothing too crazy. I've been studying up on waterproof sealers that would help a simple DIY table last a little longer I hope.

This weekend will be the time to get the back patio set up. We'll see how it goes. (Okay I just went down a rabbit hole on Pinterest looking at sawhorse tables....and need to get to bed!) I will share more of the party soon. But it's been fun to share the planning phase today. This is going to be a pretty big adventure.

Hope you are well and enjoying your happy, simple, stylish life!

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