14 March 2016

There Really Are Good People Everywhere

If I can attest to one thing I have experienced over the past nine weeks of life with a broken foot, being in a cast, parking in handicap stalls, being on crutches or a scooter and having a challenging time getting around it's this -- There are kind, good, helpful people - total strangers -- everywhere.

Today's post is my warm-hearted, big-embrace of a thank you to all the many, many kind people who have stopped along there way to ask if they could help me. I have truly had people from all walks of life stop and ask if they could help me in stores, getting into my car, in elevators, doorways and as I stood looking down or up at steps that impeded my way.

These kind souls have carried things for me, reached things on high and low shelves that I could not reach, emptied shopping baskets onto cash register counters for me -- and have just been like angels all around me throughout my day.

I have written several times on this blog about my challenges accepting help from others. I never want to bother anyone and I'm sure part of it is some misguided sense of feeling failure or weakness if I can't do everything myself. I have learned very clearly over the years that allowing others to help us blesses them and us! It's the most amazing way to build meaningful relationships with others in this life. Saying no robs them of the good feelings they could've had from serving you - and robs you of the results of their service and a sense of gratitude you could have enjoyed from their service.

Well guess what I have been cured of for good -- my inability to accept help from others! Gone. Done. I say yes every time I can and I offer big thank yous afterwards as well. Necessity is the mother of life lessons I guess. I am happy to just say yes and not fight getting help from other people anymore.

I'll share two quick stories. One night I was in Wal-Mart and in front of me was a young man that was VERY stoned. His eyes were watery and red and he was a mess. Then he turned to me as we were waiting in line and asked if he could unload my motorized scooter basket onto the belt for me. Melted my judgmental heart right then and there. Moments later, in the parking a lot, a car that looked like it had been left for lost on the side of a highway for years pulled in next to me. A rough looking young man got out and walked past, then turned and asked if he could help me return the motorized scooter to the store for me. Angel in disguise yet again. Heart humbled and melted.

 A coworker of mine is lucky enough to have her husband drop her off and pick her up each day from work. The first time he saw me getting my scooter into my car, he jumped out of his car to help. Such a good guy! Now anytime he is there picking her up and sees me he is standing next to my car offering help before I even see he's there. The other day I saw a man walk up to me out of the corner of my eye. My first instinct was "there's a man standing next to me...yikes." Then I looked up and saw if was Husband Wonderful and my heart said, "it's a good man!" And he nestled my scooter right into my little trunk for me again that day. Super grateful for his attentive, serving heart.

My coworkers at the office have been beyond kind helping me get in and out each day when they run into me and when we are moving around the building. Such good folks!

I hope God has blessed every soul who has served or even thought to serve me in the past three months in a great way. It has been beautiful to see people so inspired and attentive to even see my potential needs and stop to ask if they could help. From homeless people to the best dressed businessmen I have been surrounded by angels at every turn and for this I an eternally grateful. Thank you to everyone for your kindness. God bless!

*I guess I never gave a broken foot update after a big disappointment almost two weeks ago. My doctor had said that perhaps in late February I could start walking on my cast. I was very hopeful but when I went in for my appointment the doctors said they would like to see me go 5-6 MORE weeks non-weight-bearing. That's a total of 12-13 weeks -- this all started the first week of January!

After the doctor gave me the news and walked out of the room, tears started falling down my face. I was trying to breath and hold them in. I had to go back to work so I couldn't even call The Man and tell him because I knew I would burst out into tears and be a mess. So I texted him and I texted my mom in tears as I grabbed some lunch from a drive-thru. Silly girl.

Now I'm in my ninth full week of non-weight-bearing and have a little less than 4 weeks to go. In the next week I am hosting a birthday party, having a gospel study group at my house and have just taught a lesson at church standing up on my iWalk crutch. At some point I had to go back to a few more regular life duties, some unavoidably timed, but these events coming up make me a little nervous.

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