15 February 2016

Homemade Chocolate Covered Pretzel Valentines

Hope you are having a wonderful Valentine's and Presidents Weekend. I am back at work today because it's not one of our official days off. But it is definitely one of my favorite weekends of the winter. This has been christened at our house Valentine's Day Weekend and the celebrating started Friday night with a single red rose and will carry on right through tonight.

Saturday we spent the day in Santa Fe, I'll share a bit about that on Wednesday. Sunday was such a gorgeous, sunny day. We had a wonderful slow cooker dinner in the evening with pork loin, garlic mashed potatoes, steamed asparagus and a beautiful cranberry walnut green salad. For dessert we had strawberry shortcake.

We didn't even get around to opening Valentine's Day cards and presents so we'll do that tonight. As I said, we've christened this a full 3-day weekend event. Much more fun.

 Kiddo's school celebrated Valentine's Day on Friday, so as soon as I got back from my quick business trip last week it was a rush to get something fun pulled together for her class. We decided to whip up something salty and chocolatey. These chocolate covered pretzel sticks were quick and easy to make.

Because time was short, I decided to go with pink sprinkles instead of the drizzled pink chocolate I originally intended to put on these. It was just one more step that would've added considerable time to the process. Instead we could shake the sprinkles right on as soon as we filled a pan of pretzels dipped in the chocolate.

I had a few extras so I made a few for my team at work as well. We made something similar a couple of years ago for a treat for Kiddo's class on her birthday. We made a stamped card that time and used knot pretzels instead. There's a simple tutorial in that post. Her birthday is coming up again in a few weeks so we'll have to come up with something else again pretty quickly.

I also picked up some paper and craft supplies and made some heart garlands that I strung above the windows in our dining room and across a few shelves. I also got a small tissue paper pom pom garland that I hung above the sink. We were a little late on the Valentine's decorations but we can keep them up for the rest of this festive month of love. Here are a few Valentine's projects we've done over the years.

Heart Garlands
Valentine's Cookies
Friendship Bracelet Valentines

Wishing you a wonderful week. It's week six of my life in a cast. Time seems to be moving a little faster now which is good, but I'm still a little stunned every time I realized that if I want to leave the room I'm in or get out of bed in the morning I have to depend on some sort of crutches. I am using my scooter primarily at work, church and when we go out anywhere other than grocery or large department store shopping. I use my iWalk 2.0 around the house and to get in and out of the car when I need to get my scooter out of the trunk.

Even though it takes a minute or so to get on, having my hands free to carry things, cook, do dishes, do laundry and be able to stand at the sink is a godsend. I was able to wash my hair really well for the first time on my own yesterday using it to stand at the edge of the shower and leaning in to use the handheld shower nozzle. After a few weeks I would definitely, passionately recommend it -- especially if you are a person who doesn't like to sit still and/or has a family to take care of. I can do so much more and don't feel nearly as helpless as I did when this first happened. And I think mental state has a huge amount to do with fast healing. I barely use my traditional crutches anymore, which is the best.

Hope you are doing well and have had joy in the first 6 weeks of 2016. It's already going quickly, isn't it? I have to keep reminding myself that we're already in mid-February.
image by kalanicut

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