01 February 2016

Living My Simplicity Goal In 2016

When I chose simplicity as my theme for 2016 I really had no idea how the year would quickly unfold and demand simplicity. Oh, boy. Six days into 2016 the foot was broken and that has very powerfully dictated how the first six months or so of this year are going to play out. Woweee.

I guess the universe just really wanted to help me acutely focus on having a simpler life. (Laugh...)  Life had forced me to go very simple. I've definitely cut some things out of my life and pared back. I have had so many people looking at me with pith and asking me how I'm doing lately and I decided yesterday that my new response (with a big smile) is "I'm making the best of a crummy situation."

Here are a few things I've simplified:

1) Kiddo eats school lunch now more often and I order lunch to my office most days. Getting up and getting a nice lunch made has always been a priority for us, and The Man and I share this task about 50/50. But rather than have him make all the lunches now, I have been giving Kiddo lunch money and let her eat school lunch. School lunch has always been a bit of a funny luxury for her because we've always sent her with a lunch, so she doesn't mind and it's saving us a good 15 minutes or so every morning. I was the mom who said she'd never let her kid eat school lunches but would rather make something good from home. Well, it wouldn't be the first time me or another mom I know went totally against something she'd previously insisted would be her standard. Ha. I'm sure it won't be the last either.

2) I keep it very simple after work. Dinner and heading to bed with an ice pack for my foot which is still pretty swollen. Maybe a little TV added in there. I have been trying to get in bed by nine, and then I relax doing some reading or spending some time doing some therapeutic coloring. We've all been trying to get more sleep which is definitely giving us more energy and making mornings more pleasant. I'm able to sleep without my boot cast on which I am pretty thankful for and it's much more comfortable than the first few weeks with the cast on all night. It's just a little nerve wracking not to let anything hit it or to forget and try to stand up.

3) I'm trying to keep expectations simple and not make a lot of plans. The past few Saturdays I have pretty much stayed home and tried to do a little cleaning, sit in the sun for a while, watch a movie or two and sleep as much as possible. I keep thinking we need to go do something, but the new house is plenty of space for us to spend time outside, rest and have our own places to enjoy quiet time.

4) We're enjoying our slow cooker. Every Saturday I try to pick one recipe from Pinterest, then get all the ingredients on a quick trip to the grocery store. Going to the grocery store isn't too bad because I can park close to the entrance & my local stores employees now recognize me and have been so kind to grab me the motorized scooter cart and meet me at the door by the time I can "crutch" up to the entrance. Motorized scooter life has taught me something I never realized being tall...it's tough to reach things on the upper shelves at stores when you short or sitting on a scooter. Never had that problem before. Ha. Anyway, by throwing something good in the slow cooker on Sunday mornings we have a great dinner waiting for us when we get home from church and then we have at least one more good dinner from the leftovers during the week.

5) I've been accepting help. Because of the number of people who have been offering to help us since I broke my foot I've been keeping a short list of things I need help with and letting people help me. A couple of friends have brought meals and both times the food has lasted us two good dinners. It's fun to eat something special brought by someone else! I really appreciate the young kid (who I am sure was stoned) who asked if he could help me get everything out of my motorized scooter basket up on to the conveyor belt at WalMart on Friday night and the young man who asked if he could drive my motorized scooter back into the store for me when I got to my car. Rough and tumble looking young men, both of them, but what a great lesson on seeing the good in others! I am grateful for all the people who've opened and helded doors and elevators for me too!

6) I've quit pushing myself to get stuff done -- both on the house and around the house. Everything that isn't essential can wait a few weeks or a couple of months. I had so many projects planned to get done over the cold winter months. That has all come to a standstill.

I have learned that I do need to have something to do with my hands. I started a knitting project and have been trying to do creative little things with my hands like color because I realized it makes me feel less helpless and annoyed with having so much trouble moving around.

7) I am putting my emphasis and energies on relationships whenever possible. I've enjoyed visits with friends, visiting new friends for a lovely dinner in their home, watching movies and having meals together with my little family too. Taking it slow, sharing time with others and enjoying the little moments are where it's at right now.

These days I feel pretty grateful to just focus on getting around and about during the day. When I try to rush or push too hard it does get dangerous - it is so easy to get tired and start making mistakes and trip or lose my balance. Yikes. That in itself is a good lesson, two good lessons actually - first to focus on what you're doing and second that pushing too hard or rushing can cause accidents.

I am looking forward to finding more glamorous ways to incorporate simplicity into my life. But for now I'm learning a lot about living simply and enjoying the luxury it brings to life.

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