11 November 2014

Veterans Day 2014: Thank Yous

It's Veterans Day here in the U.S. and a day we take great pride in as a family. Just last night we were talking about one of my relatives who fought with George Washington in the Revolutionary War. The Man's dad was career Air Force and his step dad Army. We're Navy, former Army.

We also have a lot of dear friends who are veterans or currently serving. So we have a lot of veterans covered here and we try to spend this day being mindful of the many who have sacrificed so much to serve and protect our country.

We are planning to attend the local Veteran's Day parade and hope to set a tone for this day as one of remembrance and gratitude. Military service and time in a war zone teach humility, great gratitude, patriotism, unselfishness and discipline.But the pain and suffering many veteran's experience is lifelong. Physical injuries get worse with age whether they are received during training or on the battlefield. The emotional toll of training for and experiencing war wears out bodies and souls.

Today I want to thank all those organizations who watch out for and protect our service members. There are so many wonderful people out there who have done such kind things for our family and so many others. We thank you and recognize you today too! Thank you for your service to those who serve.

Thank you veterans. Know that you and your sacrifices are not forgotten!

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