14 November 2014

Tourist In Your Own Town

Yesterday I was talking on the phone to a dear friend who told me last week he just took off for a day and drove to Solvang. He just needed to get away for the day. That got us talking about how we both wanted to take more opportunities to see all the cities and towns within easy driving distance from where we live. Call it a getaway day, staycation or what you will, but there are always fun things to see and do where you live.

I was so jealous that he went to Solvang. One of my favorite places and somewhere I've been craving to go lately. A couple of weeks ago we had business in Oceanside, CA so we took the opportunity to stop and look around a city we've driven through on the highway more times than I could count.

It was fun to see the pier and ocean front walk. It was a stunningly beautiful day for stopping and staring at the beautiful skies and pretty streets. After doing a little research we also found some fun things to do next time.

I would venture to say that in almost any town or city you can find something interesting, quirky and fun to do. We have visited quite a few cities around Southern California over the past year and we always take some time to visit something cool while we are there if we have the time. There are great little antique districts, old historic main streets, museums of all kinds and historical sites.

On Veteran's Day we went to a parade in an area we had never been to before. It was probably an area we wouldn't have gone to otherwise and likely won't go back to again, but it was fun to see something different.

We've done pretty well this year making first time visits to Knott's Berry Farm, Peterson Car Museum and the Chino airplane museums. We spent a day in Newport Beach and Balboa Island and also went sport fishing in San Diego. So I realize that we are getting out there and doing this, which makes me happy!

I'm putting it on my radar again to keep getting out and venturing around fun new towns and places to see. After a strong recommendation from a friend, Lake Arrowhead and Oak Glen are on our list. I also want to schedule in some camping trips nearby. I'm hoping sometime we can do a family trip to Carpenteria.

I would also love to check out the Newport or San Diego Christmas Lights Boat parades this year. Life is so full of frequent reminders and I am so glad this conversation with my friend reminded me to keep being a tourist in my own town.

images by kalanicut

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