19 November 2014

Stop, Think And Heal Thyself

I was reminded again last night that so often the solutions to our discomforts and ailments are already within us. If we take the time to sit down and process what we're feeling and what we need we will remember things we have already learned and done that can help calm us down, get us to sleep, help us eat healthy and manage all other aspects of taking care of our precious bodies.

Here are a few that I've said lately:

1) Oh my head hurts. Okay, I haven't had much water today.
2) My hands feel rough, I need some lotion.
3) I'm rushing and not chewing my food well. Twenty chews per bite.
4) I'm not breathing properly. Need to slow down and get more air.
5) Gee, I guess I never ate lunch. I'll start with an apple.
6) I feel scattered. I need to meditate.
7) I need to relax. I have essential oils that would help.
8) I feel cooped up. Hey I should take a walk & sit in the sun.

Do any of these sound familiar to you. Such simple things and yet we still need reminders. It always takes me a little bit of time, but if I slow down and figure out what I'm experiencing that is causing me distress I usually already know several things I could to to improve the situation.

The trick is taking the time to slow down and read the symptoms and think about solutions. Even when I talk to my doctors, my first thought lately has become, what I can do for myself before we talk about medical measures? What common sense things am I not doing that would improve the situation? Suggestions here might be eating better, getting more sleep or more exercise, etc.

Physically and spiritually I am big on always going back to the basics when things don't feel quite right. It is quite stunning really how every often, in fact most of the time, the solution is one of those things I already know. Even better, the remedial action, can be taken right away and relief can be had quickly.

It's amazing how intuitive we really are. We should check in with ourselves before we run to friends, moms or professionals to diagnose what's amiss in us. We are our own best healers for body and soul and the more we know and understand ourselves, the healthier we can stay and the more quickly we can resolve troublesome issues. Then if we still do need to get professional help, we are already in tune with what is happening so that we can better explain the situation to someone skilled to help us.

Last night I put some lovely stress reducer essential oils on my temples and wrists and made myself a favorite drink. I put new sheets on my bed and by the time I was ready to hit the sack I was quite mellowed out.

So instead of running to webmd or to google "what's wrong with me" it's a great opportunity to take a few moments to just sit, feel and think about what we already know that will help us get to a lovely, calm, healthy place. As simple as this is, based on how often I have to remind myself of these things, I figure I can't be the only one. Anyone else know what I'm talking about and experience similar lightbulb moments? I think I see some hands out there.

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