18 November 2014

Danish Christmas Inspiration

I got myself  deep into some crazy Scandinavia holiday dreaminess today when I started looking for Danish Christmas inspiration on Pinterest. Oh, it made me "homesick" for that place. Denmark does Christmas in the most heavenly, beautiful ways. The traditional Danish foods are so delicious. The holiday traditions and Danish crafts and decorations are a delight.

Copenhagen Yule

Today I pulled out the Christmas decorations. I have found that it's most ideal if I decorate the week leading into Thanksgiving. I haven't done anything decorating-wise for fall, Halloween or Thanksgiving this year because it has been so blasted hot until just a week or so ago that it just seemed like it was completely still July.

Dannebrog and a 'Pølsevogn' in the background

Finally, finally, finally we have had a few days that actually feel like fall in Southern California and I could not be happier. My feet are actually cold right this minute, as in I need to put socks on in the house now. That didn't happen all last winter I don't think.

Christmas candle centerpiece.. Glaedelig Jul is Merry Christmas in Danish.

Sweaters are now needed in the mornings and at night. This is generally a year-round thing when you live here, but we have been without sweaters mostly for the better part of a year now at least. Highly unusual.

The down comforter is back on the bed which makes me happy except for the fact that we desperately need new bedding, including comforter cover. It is getting faded and shabby. I keep waiting for us to move and get that king size bed and it's just not happening yet. Sigh. (I've said this a few hundred times by now haven't I??)

Pork roast. The traditional Danish christmas dinner served with white and sugar browned potatoes, brown gravy and warm, pickled red cabbage.
image via Vi Skal Spise

So today I took a little detour while doing a quick morning Pinterest update to do a search for Denmark and Danish Christmas. Oh did I slip into a world of beautiful deliciousness. Beautiful decorations, delicious foods, snowy photos of people cycling in Copenhagen. Heavenly. And it got me all revved up to get back there again. I have gone back twice since living there in during college years but it's been a long time now, too long. So I'm itching for a return.

Copenhagen at Christmas

I can't decide which would be better, a few weeks there in the summer (which is never guaranteed to actually be warm) or to go in the deep of winter and take in all the holiday gorgeousness. Tough decision! Best option in B-O-T-H right?!

jurianne matter: free downloadable prints for danish paper stars!

Today I thought I would just share a few images of the holidays Danish style. Makes my heart sing. Hope you enjoy. Here is a link to an entire Pinterest search of Danish Christmas inspiration.

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