11 December 2009


When I first read about this recipe contest at A Little Sussy, I thought I should enter my sandwich. But I got busy and the deadline passed. But then they extended the deadline and I felt it was a big nudge from the universe that I should at least try writing down my recipe –which turns out to be quite a difficult thing to do in proper terminology and detail so that another person can follow it. But it was a great exercise! I figured the experience as a whole was just for me to enjoy working my creative muscles.

Last week when the 12 finalists were announced, I was one of them. As I read through all the entries a wave of “who do you think you are to try to compete with these people and their amazing recipes” washed over me.

I’m still in shock after 24 hours. When I got the voicemail from Christin telling me I’d won, I totally went into shock after she said, “You’ve won the trip to Boston.” Seriously went numb. I looked at my friend in the next cubicle over, who helped me a bit with my recipe and gave me lots of encouragement, and pointing to the phone, mouthed, “I WON! I WON THE CONTEST!” Then we shared a brief moment of pandemonium with the work team, celebrating.

Later I shared a celebratory dinner with the man who is the inspiration for my recipe and for whom I have shared many sandwiches. I am very excited -- I haven't been this giddy excited maybe since I was 13 -- and I want to thank Nicole of A Little Sussy and Christin for the opportunity. I look forward to meeting you both!

The details of the recipe will have to wait for now. Cookbook will be out next year. Hooray! And BIG THANKS to all the friends who visited A LIttle Sussy and left comments, especially those of you who had technical difficulties! You're support is a great gift to me! 

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