24 April 2017

More Meditations For Calm Centeredness

Even though I haven't made it a daily practice, I have really been feeling the benefits of my yoga and meditation work this year. It definitely makes a difference on the days I get it done. I do think I am healthier of mind and body on the days when I start my day that way. I also believe I am more effective on those days when I have taken care of myself first and am more focused and clear minded.

I wanted to share a few new favorites for meditation practice. These are all available online for easy download or at YouTube.

Deepak Chopra The Secret of Attraction Meditation: This one is a little choppy I think it's actually a few bits of different meditations stuck together but I love the things it covers. The section on abundance and being just who you are is fantastic and I really loved the part about judgment and how when we judge others we block our own creative spirit. That is an amazing concept and one that I really believe in.

Taos Winds Five Minutes Chakra Balance: This is a very relaxing way to focus and balance energies. In the video it shows you which chakra point to focus on at each part of the balancing. I try to do this after I have done a 20-minute yoga practice, a morning meditation and then finish up with this. If you want to do longer balancing practices there is also a 15-minute and one-hour version as well.

Here are a few other resources
Great Meditations From YouTube
Great Meditations From YouTube #2
Great Meditations From YouTube #3

I have a few more up my sleeve to share down the road but I hope you enjoy these or by looking at them find some of the links below that might appeal to you. I've been using these mediations beyond my morning practices when things get a little stressful, when I'm tired and can't seem to settle down to rest, or when I just want to fall asleep quickly. It's always nice to have something I know I can depend on to help me relax! I hope you'll keep these in your "pocket" for days when life gets hard or stressful. If you have any favorite meditations please share them below. Wishing you a calm and peaceful week.

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