15 January 2016

Travel: Packing Cubes or Plastic Bags

I won't be going anywhere travel related for a while except for the long journey to and from my car on crutches every day. But I can dream about travel and I can plan and save up for future travel. I think after I get out of this cast or maybe before I need a small trip of some kind. I just don't think it will probably be on an airplane. Hmmm...

I have been a big fan of packing cubes and the art of very functional travel packing since the early 90s. In 2000, a year when I traveled out of the country 3 times and around much of the US as well, I completely converted to Eagle Creek packing cubes and toiletries bags. The ones I bought then are still in great shape. I have gone through two toiletries kits since them, but only after my first one got so permanently stained that I wanted a new one. Zippers have stayed in great shape and fabric on both the packing cubes and the toiletries kits is super tough.

I love being able to organize my clothes so quickly. I usually put tops in one cube and bottoms in another. Sometimes I put all my special event clothing together in one cube to keep it clean and organized for the days I need it. Packing cubes are so versatile you can really do whatever works for you. I have smaller cubes for socks or underwear or scarves too.

I shared all about my favorite toiletries case and how I like to stock it here. I always love hearing how people like to pack because I always learn something new. I read this article last week that was originally published just about a year ago on petergreenberg.com comparing plastic bags vs. packing cubes for travel.

Turns out both are useful for certain things and I will also say I learned a few things as well. My next travel goal is to do a better job organizing and packing my electronics for my carry on. Love the idea shared in this article. I currently have a small bag I used but I like what they suggested a lot better.

How do you like to travel? What handy tips have you learned that you can share? Please leave your good ideas in the comments section! Hope you are planning some fun travel for 2016. I'd love to hear about your plans as well. I love thinking about and planning travel at the beginning of the year.


Sally W. said...

I love travel cubes! Use them all the time (you can usually find a good deal on zulily). I also use a separate cube for my carry-on electronics - so convenient. This year we hope to travel to more National Parks - which means road trips! But we also intend to do more flying, so I'm thinking of investing the money into TSA Pre-approval.

kalanicut said...

Love the tip about zulily! We have a fourth grader so I think this is her year to do National Parks for free. We definitely need to check that out. After all the travel I did last year I'm thinking TSA approval too, although in our home airport is never a problem and half the time the pre-check line isn't even open because there's already no wait. But when coming back from other airports it would definitely help.

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