08 January 2016

Upcycle Those Lampshades

As we continue to slowing unpack furnishings and figure out how we merge two very differently styled homes into our new home, I've created a little store on our family room bookshelves full of art, lamps, drawer pulls, rugs and other decorating items. So when I need something for a certain spot I can just do a little shopping trip into that space for something that might just fit the bill.

image via Target

In this 2010 bedroom photo below you can see the two lamps on each side of the bed. I have grown to highly dislike the lampshades on these two lamps -- so boring! --and had been on the hunt for better shades for several months without seeing anything that seemed just right.

Then last week I saw this shade above on the Target website. My first instinct was to really like these shades and want them. My second was even more powerful. Why had I not considered upcycling my existing shades! Big DUH moment. My current shades are very similar to these and I do love fuchsia velvet ribbon. How had I totally overlooked the very least expensive option which was add some great touch to the lampshades I already had? (Ashamed long time DIYer moment!) 

So I won't be shopping for new lampshades anymore. Now I am going to be on the prowl for some nice piece of contrasting ribbon I can use the make those lamps pop, I am leaning towards the fuchsia velvet ribbon, I have to say, because it is stunning and fun. Lime or apple green might be fun too. Purple would even be nice. I have some thinking and experimenting to do. Fun, exciting and inexpensive...three of my favorite adjectives.

It's amazing how often making what you have better is better than getting something new. Another simplicity life lesson. When I come up with something fun I'll be sure to share it.

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