17 February 2017

Getting Real About Living Room Furniture

Before we moved into our house, you may remember that we bought a beautiful, 4-seater, vintage steel, mid-century sofa from an estate sale at the house we had hoped to buy. It seemed so perfect...and then we started trying to watch TV and movies on that sofa and we quickly came to realize we are just too tall for that sofa.

It is beautiful but it is super uncomfortable when there is nowhere to rest your head and heaven forbid you fall asleep and your head falls backwards...hello neck strain! So I have been campaigning to sell it, which I know will not be that difficult to do, and to put that money into buying a new, "better for our family" sofa. We actually have two sofas, maybe a loveseat too that we could sell.

After a lot of thinking, research and a big reality check for me about what I like looks wise and what would actually work best for our family I have come to the conclusion that we need a recliner sofa with a high back. High back sofas are hard to find, but in the recliner models there are some options. My original goal was that our living room be a real living room and the big TV watching room would be our family room. Well, I lost that battle completely and our living room is just a big movie theater at this point.

So I'd like to get furniture in there that works with the TV setup, so that at least it's comfortable. Right now trying to watch a movie as a family means moving furniture and ottomans around and it's just not working that well for anyone.

I found this sofa at Ashley furniture, it's definitely big enough for the three of us and the back is high and both sides recline. It comes in a sectional, but that may be too much for us and our room. But then I think it might be the right way to go as we head into the teen years and may be having more friends and guests at our house. It would be easier to get a sectional now rather than trying to replace a sofa with something bigger in a couple of years. Here's the full sectional. I might like it better with two sofas and the center section instead of the console loveseat on one side.

When I came home I checked around online and found this sofa and loveseat for quite a bit less money from on online retailer, so that was encouraging. The sofa itself was about $700 less than it was at Ashley. So that was VERY encouraging.

The recliner sectional at the top of this post is from Macy's. When I was visiting a friend in LA, they had this sectional and I was gaga when I saw it in their living room. My dear friend gave me the total rundown on the headrests that can lift up, the great reclining seats and buyer protection plan. I took it for a test drive and loved it. It had everything I had been hoping to find in one sectional or sofa! I thought, wow, we have found our sectional!

Unfortunately then I went online and read the reviews on the Macy's website and they were terrible, with several people returning the sectional multiple times after multiple problems. I was so bummed. Sure the buyer protection plan would help if anything happened if we were to purchase the sectional, but I just can't see our family being happy to with having to get it replaced even once.

So it's a bit of back to the drawing board, although I would be happy enough for the Ashley sofa or sectional. I don't like the look as much, but the comfort level was definitely there and we would be plenty cozy sacked out watching TV or a movie. I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for any other options over the next few weeks but I hope soon we'll have a living room that really meets our needs and works for us as a family.

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