16 May 2014

New Art: Our View Of The World

I had to share this new art piece we just acquired a few weeks ago that we are all kinds of excited to frame. I am hoping to get it done in the next few days. It's a map of the world drawn on a restaurant napkin by none other than The Bug.

There are so many things we love about this drawing. First, the story behind it. I had the audacity to go to dinner with The Bug and my parents at a restaurant that did not have coloring materials for kids. This did not sit well, she was highly displeased with our restaurant choice. I wasn't too impressed either in the end, although this place had all the trappings of "this is a little hideaway restaurant that has been around forever that had been loved by generations."

I really should have learned my lesson after this other recent bad experience. Never let a very busy restaurant in a small town fool you into thinking the food is going to be down-home and delicious. It might just be all those people know....and be disgusting. Even the chips and salsa did not impress. I mean seriously that is the one thing you can always depend on at a Mexican restaurant!

Anyway, out of sheer desperation she asked if I had a pen and whipped out her napkin and cranked out this world map at the table in just a few minutes. My parents and I were sitting there a little stunned at how fast and more than reasonably accurate it was. She asked for no help spelling anything so some of the big words are misspelled. She was relaxed and a little distracted and misnamed a few things she does know.

The imperfections only made it better. We fell in love with it and I lovingly protected it all the way home. The next day I went through my frame collection and found a black foam core I could mount it to and a back frame that made it pop. When I had a chance to show it to The Man he loved it too and we were both convinced that this needed to be art in our home.

I get a smile on my face every time I see it.

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