19 May 2014

Now Is My Time #20: Serving Others

One of the goals for reordering my life this year has been to have more time to do more for others outside of our home. As busy and crazy as things have been the past few years I just have not been able to do this as much as I like to. Last week I decided to take some time and put some little treats in the mail for a few friends.

I like to make little festive garlands and we usually have one on our mantle of some sort and there are a couple on bookcases around the house. I make mine from paper and try to find something seasonal and down to earth to whip up. Since Memorial Day and all the fun patriotic holidays are coming up I had the idea to make tiny red, white and blue garlands for friends. I made these quite a bit smaller than the type I usually make which are about four inches long by three inches wide. These were about an inch-and-a-half wide by two inches long. I was really feeling the tiny simplicity of this size.

I spent a couple of hours making them because it took time to figure out what I could do with stuff I already had on hand and I was being regularly interrupted with family stuff. But once I got four made I put one on my own work space and then carefully folded the other three up and put them in envelopes addressed to my three friends.

I made very simple cards out of pink card stock using silver and gold sharpie pens to create crazy geometric designs on the front. This was little nod to the geometric graphics trend that I am so not a part of. I thought I'd try and step into it and just see what it feels like. And it felt okay and was a little fun. I'll never go full bore geometric, but it was fun to play with it.

Inside I just wrote a very quick note saying this was just a little treat for the summer holiday season and wishing them a good week. I mailed them off on Friday night and yesterday I had already from two of the friends with sweet thank yous. So kind of them. I was so happy that they liked them and will enjoy using them.

I've been thinking about a lot of people around me who could probably just use a thumbs up now and again. A little "hey I think you're awesome" or "I see all the hard work you're putting into your family and think you're amazing" or "I hope you know that I see your life is hard right now and I am praying for you."

There is a little family at my church who I barely know who I have been praying for after seeing a few signs that they are having a hard time. My heart hurts for them and I really want God to bless them. I've been praying for them a lot and it got me wondering how often we have people praying for us when we have no idea or may not really even know them. I like that thought. I want to be someone who sees other's needs and includes other in my prayers more.

I love that I have a good friend who tells me what she is going to pray for on my behalf after we talk. She's amazing. This is a season for me to put down some of our old burdens and think more about others and be able to step out a little more and do more for people around me. I've been able to do a few other things in the past few weeks and it feels good....so good.

I can't wait to create my next opportunity to do something small and sweet for someone near me. This is part of my nature, part of who I am and Now Is My Time means that I make sure that the giving part of me is being fed too. Building relationships with others through service was the topic of one of the talks at our church yesterday. I love that concept and I know it's true. 

I feel closer and more loving to others when I serve them. I am enjoying the new and deeper friendships I am making by trying to give, love and serve others. The opportunity to do small acts of service seems to flow back in blessings to me faster than I can finish a project.

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