09 November 2009

The Aloha Spirit

Everyone in Hawaii is so pleasant and easy-going. Couldn’t we use a little more of this in the world? Maybe I’ve been living in L.A. for too long, but it shocks when employees in businesses I patronize actually thank me for coming in and seem genuinely interested in helping me.  It makes life so much easier and more pleasant. I’m getting spoiled believing that people will actually appreciate my business and help me when I ask. Everywhere here people seem genuinely happy, friendly and more aware of the people around them and willing to connect with them.

I’m sure that people here have just as many challenges in life: sicknesses, financial problems, work stress, etc. But they don’t let these things get in the way of gracious, friendly living. They are not so involved in their own lives, spinning inside their own heads that they miss out on all that’s going on around them. They greet you with a smile, they engage you, ask how you are, smile, laugh, joke and overall exude a feeling of calm. What a difference that makes in their lives and everyone they interact with.  Couldn’t we adopt a little more of this on the mainland?

I am going to soak up as much of this Aloha Spirit as I can while I’m here and I’m willing to pay $15 for an extra suitcase to bring a load of it home with me.  Dear readers, can we do this together, spread the Aloha Spirit worldwide?  Less wrapped up in ourselves, less stressed, less anxiety-ridden? More smiling, more hellos, more laughing, more cheerfulness, more graciousness! Yes, please!

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