03 May 2017

Stylish And Sturdy Bag Lines by Heath Design and Heath + Stein

I have been watching the progress of Heath + Stein bags over the past few months and being a former bag designer/maker I am very impressed. You probably know Heath Ceramics by now, same company. These days they have quite a few sister product lines. You can check out all the amazing design lines by Heath, including jewelry, cookware, home furnishings and tile here.

Their bags are both beautiful and made with a lot of attention to durability and quality. Could make a great gift for upcoming holidays or birthdays or just because days. The first two bags below are from the Heath Designs line. The second two are specifically under the Heath + Stein label.

image via Heath Designs
I love the mix of fabrics, textures and materials. You can never go wrong with leather accents! These bags are high end and prices start at about $160 and go up to $375. They are a "special treat" purchase in my mind. Something you might save for or just make as an investment piece. If I'm going to spend a little extra in my wardrobe/fashion budget it is most likely going to be for a high quality bag. They are versatile and last a lot longer than a seasonal shirt, pants or jacket.

image via Heath Designs
The neutral colors help these bags adapt to anything in your wardrobe too, plus they can really upscale a simple or casual outfit. It's amazing how much a statement making bag can add to an everyday  look.

One of the things I really appreciate about these bags are the quality stitching, rivets, clasps and hooks. There are definitely companies who cheap out on those added fixtures but you can see from the photos that the materials used are hardy and will hold up to wear over time. And I think that also means that these bags are going to be comfortable to carry too.

image via Heath + Stein
This bag is a perfect example of the mix of high quality materials. So handsome! I can see a commuter dad looking super cool and getting a lot of use out of this. It would make a fantastic Father's Day gift. It could be a nice Mother's Day gift too. Work appropriate, this would probably fit someone in a more creative, casual work environment.

image via Heath + Stein

Of course there are plenty of other Mother's Day gift options too. If you want a little pop of high energy color there are options for that too. These aren't just a great fashion accessory but they were also designed to be highly functional. Thought was put into practical pockets and all the modern necessities one needs to carry each day.

I would definitely like to add one of these to my bag arsenal. It's just hard to decide which one!

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