25 February 2015

My Story At Motivated Mamas

I have something that feels really beautiful to share with you today. It's so visually beautiful that it makes me feel happy and shiny and sassy. At the end of last year I did an interview with a great friend Camesha, aka Mama Motivator, for her series Motivated Mamas.

Camesha and I worked together at Style Network for several years. She is one gorgeous, tall, fun, smart, talented mama. When I first met Camesha she was not yet married. Now she's the mom of two super cute kiddos. Revisiting this conversation Camesha and I shared really touched my heart. Sharing it with her was a powerful moment for me, going back and revisiting the past and our joys and triumphs over difficult days. Her questions made me think and then my words came flowing out.

I am used to interviewing other people but it's a different experience to be on the other side of the questions. I have to say I feel like this interview is incredibly authentically me. Well, the best of me, at least. It's like catching me on a really good day. Haha.

I want you to see how gorgeous Camesha's blog is and hope you'll find more great inspiration there by jumping around to some other posts. Keep an eye on her series of interviews with moms from all walks of life. If you'd like to share your story, you can connect with Camesha here.

Hope you'll enjoy our mama chat. Here's the link.

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