13 April 2016

Broken Foot Progress: Back On Two Feet

A week ago Tuesday I got the go ahead to start walking on my cast after 12 weeks on crutches, crutch and scooter. The one problem was I couldn't actually walk. So I literally had to learn to walk all over again and I was back on crutches and walker for a few days. My goal was to be on two feet by Monday, but I got there before the weekend started on Friday. Yay!

It is painful and uncomfortable but I think it's one of those "no pain, no gain" situations. When I first start walking it is very stiff and painful. And it does hurt to walk on it, sometimes just weird little pains and other times big stabbing-like pains. Good times. But every step is therapy and getting me closer to the getting back to regular, daily life and wearing two shoes! Yay!

Finding the right shoe for a walking cast is a bit of a challenge. Right now the only thing that is working in my Dansko clog. I would've thought a sandal with an inch of heel would work, but nope - needs to be higher.  It's a little crazy that I've worn out one shoe of three of my pairs of shoes while in a cast this winter. The left shoe of each pair is in perfect condition. I'm wearing a pair of FitFlops (okay just the right shoe) that I picked up a few days ago. Not the greatest because as we all know flip flops don't provide a lot of stability but the deep, cushy sole is comfortable.

Glad this whole situation is moving forward. It's hard to believe this all started the first week of January. Argh. It's mid-April already! The leaves have filled out on the trees, flowers are blooming and the year is moving along. Can you believe 2016 is already almost 1/3 over?!

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