30 March 2015

Sacramento's Farm To Fork Foodie's Paradise

Last week I had the great pleasure of attending a tourism tech conference in Sacramento. It was inspiring to hear from some of the most forward thinking marketers in the industry. What I wasn't expecting was to get to experience Sacramento's Farm To Fork mission.


It's no secret that the central California valleys produce a wide variety of foods that feed not only our country but the world. The restaurant and catered meals we experienced were amazing with such a huge array of fruits, vegetables, cheeses, fungi and nuts. Every meal was amazing.

We enjoyed several different kinds of citrus and fresh berries and breads for breakfast. For lunch there were salads piled high with vegetables including some we didn't even recognize. There were fresh almonds and walnuts sprinkled on everything from cereal to pizza. For receptions and happy hours we ate from taco and pizza bars and enjoyed fruit and cheese plates and chicken & waffle kebabs.

By our second day there we were so full we didn't think we could eat another meal. One night we went to a large reception where we ate what amounted to a full dinner of finger foods and then went to a full four course meal directly after. A little intense, but every food offering was amazing and delicious. Nearly everything we ate including the meats were local, farm-raised. Talk about fresh and vitality-rich foods! (For more about vitality-rich food here's a post from the archives about the importance of food vitality.)

If you value fresh, high-quality, fabulous-tasting food, Sacramento is definitely a place to explore. Of course, there is much more to experience in Sacramento than just the food culture. It's one of the great historic cities of the United States and it's a city with a fun vibe too. You can find out all about Sacramento's food culture here including itinerary ideas, tours, restaurants and hotel package deals. For basic details of travel to Sacramento, check out the Visit Sacramento.

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