05 August 2013

We Don't Need More Organizational Products

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After a lot of coming and going the past little while I had a quiet weekend to really acknowledge what a total wreck the house was. Disastrous. So I took the time to start cleaning and getting everything back to it's reasonably organized chaos. As I did I found myself compiling a bag to take to the thrift store.

As I step over a three-tiered paper organizer I bought a couple of years ago (that I have never found  a helpful use for) I thought, we do not need more tools to help us organize the house. What we need is just less stuff in the house, period.

How about that organization industry. Every retail store seems to sell organizational products in pretty colors, shapes and textures now. But are we taking advantage of these tools to help us live simpler lives or are we spending millions of dollars every year just to store more stuff we don't really need? The thought of that really energized me to keep getting rid of stuff.

As I opened and closed closets and drawers around the house I increasingly frustrated at the amount of things I saw that were not important or necessary. Sure it's great to have options in life, but at some point options and things you are keeping because you "might need them one day" or because you "paid good money" for them once upon a time just don't make any sense. You end up spending more time and money than it would cost to replace the items, so that you can store them. Silliness.

So I am spinning around my house with an open bag and getting rid of unnecessary stuff. It sneaks up on you fast. This is a house I just deep cleaned this spring and already it feels cluttered again. Today I am making a trip to the thrift store. I can't wait to dump things off and be rid of them and have a little more space and sanity in my life.

Have you thought about how much you are spending on organizational tools, rather than just getting rid of things you don't need? How are you acting on this concept in your own life? I'd love to hear!

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