16 August 2013

Refreshing My World For Fall

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Fall is coming. Temperatures are cooler, school clothes have been bought. We're adjusting to the school year schedule, homework, lots of reading, earlier bedtimes, quieter nights at home. All this gets my creative juices going to think about who I am going to be this fall. By late August I am usually totally tired of everything about summer myself.

My hair will have been up in a bun for the past two to three months because it is just too long to style every day and too hot to even be able to completely blow dry. By this time of the summer I will no longer remember the last time I wore my hair down. At the same time, my hair has been through a lot of wear and tear in the summer, sun, from outdoor activities and such.

My lightweight summer clothing will be tired and some of it will be completely worn out. I will be tired of wearing flat sandals and flip flops and skirts and cotton blouses. I barely wear any jewelry in the summer so by this time of the year I'm ready to be a little more accessorized and layered. I am craving more variety than the simple summer stuff that gets you through hot, sweaty days, long walks, bike rides, amusement parks and picnics.

I also feel it's important to look around the fashion landscape - no matter what age you are. What has changed since last year, how have styles and trends altered. I always like to see how I can incorporate some trends into my wardrobe without looking silly and dressed way too young looking. I always love the 20s, 30s, 40s pages in InStyle Magazine where they adapts the latest looks for each decade of life. It's important to keep yourself looking stylish and fashionable. It makes such a huge impact on how people see and relate to you but even more importantly it affects how you think about yourself, treat yourself and act with others.

So I'm going to be doing a new series of posts this fall about how I'm adapting different parts of my life to the new season. Spring and fall seem to be the two seasons that really affect me in how I live my life. These are the times I am most likely to want to make big changes, overhaul everything, see things in a fresh new way. I have a fun list of topics and this is in fact inspiring me to get some things done and ready for fall. First issue is a haircut. I tell you all about it soon. I'm excited about this. Looking forward to sharing the journey.

Are you feeling the fall bug or hanging on tightly to summer still? What do you usually most want to change in the fall?

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