09 November 2015

Heights House 4: The Good, Bad & Ugly

Never let it be said that buying, renovating and moving into a new home is glamorous and fun non-stop. Anyone who would say that has probably forgotten about the long days and late nights of work, the trial and error of DIY projects, the heavy lifting and all the negotiation that goes on to get decisions made and moved to completion.

To say we are feeling a little weary would be a bit of an understatement. But we have to charge forward and wrap things up. Two weekends ago we went through our storage unit from CA and thinned through everything and took a big load of stuff to the house. The past week we have been going through two small pods from LA.

There is very little left in the ABQ storage unit now. There is some stuff at the house that can probably go to storage from one of the other loads but we'll figure that out when we have a chance - and clear that unit out soon once and for all. Moving and merging two households is not an easy feat. There is a big yard sale in our very near future. That too will be a big feat but hopefully a happy and cleansing one too.

We had been waiting for flooring for two of the bedrooms and the laundry room. We got the laundry room done a week ago Friday. About the same time I called Home Depot to check on the carpet we'd ordered several weeks earlier only to find out that they had never put the order through. Not wanting to wait another month we decided to just stay with the old tan carpet for now. Frustrating but an $800 savings.

On cheerier notes, we do have the dining table and chairs set up in the dining room and have begun to arrange the living room. Rug and couches and chairs are in order and we are really happy with how things are looking. Little by little it's beginning to feel like someplace we'll want to live. It's taking a lot of time.

We took all but one night off this week and just relaxed, cooked dinners at home and watched movies together. It was much needed and quite therapeutic to have a rest. We were all feeling a little extra tired and I think a break was well-deserved.

Hopefully this week we'll be able to get the office, kiddo's bedroom and laundry room set up which will give us a lot more space in the house once we get the furniture moved into place and all the laundry room cabinets in the family room put back into place. That right there sounds pretty fantastic. That will be a great step forward! Right now there is a mountain of boxes and furniture in the garage and on one side of the family room and living room.

I think this blog posts reads as jumbled as I feel. But this is an honest update as to the glamour of home ownership for sure, haha. It's not all a Pinterest board! Hopefully this time next week we'll have three rooms set up and livable. Hooray for that!

In the meantime I am loving the view from the dining room and kitchen windows over the beautiful back patio and pool and overlooking the city. Such a gorgeous place to sit, eat dinner and relax or do dishes by the sink. From the living room  we have a full wall of windows and a beautiful mountain view. In the midst of the chaos there is much to appreciate it.

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