11 April 2022

Changing Social Media And Life Scenery

 Have you heard, or should I say read, all the recent buzz about protecting one's online business from social media hackings and algorithms? Despite their "Old School" 2000s visibility, blogs and email lists are making a comeback it seems.

As I progress forward in lots of interests and ideas, I definitely liking the idea of returning to a simpler time where I have more control over whether my content is even seen or not and to a community that felt a little more friendly and less competitive and noisy than the BIG BUZZ knows as IG.

The continual "upgrades" and ideaology changes being made by the social media kingpins, plus their conglomeration, politicized control of content, forced labeling of posts, silencing voices they don't agree with...all these things put a bad taste in my mouth. At least for now, I can say what I like in a blog post and know that anyone who wants to access it can. Via an e-mail list I can disseminate content to people who want to receive it.

So I am rethinking some things and looking at adding some content in new or should I say old fashioned ways.

As a quick update here, lots of things have changed and evolved since the inception of kalanicut in 2009. It's amazing to believe it's been almost 13 years and was in the works for a couple of years before that. Right now I am focusing heavily on wellness. I have certified as a Reiki Master practitioner and have added Sound Therapy, including Sound Bath, to my Reiki work. In this endeavor I feel I have really found my calling and it has been a pretty amazing way to meld my corporate business and marketing background with my holistic, alternative health passion. I absolutely love working with clients online or in-person in studio and have had some amazing experiences.

The journey has also been a very empowering one for me personally as I work daily for the best mental, physical and emotional health possible - and every day that looks a little different. I have definitely see an improvement in my own health and well-being from what I have studied and learned. I spend a good amount of time meditating and working on affirmations that help me improve the quality of my thoughts, which impacts actions and results in all areas of my life.

I was going to say I am doing a lot fewer DIY projects but that's not really true when I think about it. My Powder Room update has been stalled for a while due to some distractions with unexpected projects. It needs wallpaper, paint on the vanity, tile and maybe the sink, new faucet, towel rod, shelves and mirror frame installed. So just an afternoon's work, right? Ha!

My best therapy right now is sanding red-stained beams that were once a part of the pond in our dining room. They are so beautifully aged and once they are all back to their natural wood state, I am planning to either build a coffee table or a sofa table. The decision will depend the salvageable lengths of wood I have available once it's all cleaned up and inspected. For now I just go out and sand for an hour, a few days a week. It's a good time to clear the mind and get out of the house for a while.

Now that Spring has suddenly arrived, we are also scrambling to get the backyard back in shape, including some pool tile repairs (sad cry), power spraying all the decks and patios, cleaning up the pool house, and tidying up the grass and flower beds. We are really looking forward to getting back into the pool this spring/summer.

Beyond that we are busy with church and life...high school and all it's associated dramas and adventures, golf season, summer plans, career dreams and the daily household stuff. We are happy and trying to find joy in every day. Today I am doing a Yeast Experiment because for the life of me I can't get bread to rise in this house. I have tried all the suggestions and today I am trying to proof three different bowls of yeast, three different ways. I figure that if none of them work out, I toss the yeast and try a new strategy with some other kind of yeast. We'll see how that goes.

Feels good to be back here, I will say. If you come by, let me know in the comments. We'll see if we can rebuild something here that is from a more peaceful, gentler age. Kindness, inspiration, community, creativity....

12 January 2021

Conversations With Kids About Covid-19 & Unusual Times

I wrote this post early last spring and we're still living Covid-19 and other unusual and at times disconcerting events. Thought I would share it as a reminder to me and anyone else about making memories and finding out way through uncertainty.

Spring 2020
I had a very interesting conversation with our Kiddo earlier this week that gave me a lot of insight about what I need to think about as we converse with our kids right now and help them through one of the more stressful times they've experienced in their liv

We were outside enjoying out back patio and she asked me, "So when is this going to be over?" It struck me that on some level she does not understand that we grown ups have no idea what is really happening, what the solution is going to be or how long this is all going to continue. I started thinking, most of the time we adults can answer questions like that pretty clearly. "How long is this (school activity, airplane flight, church meeting or doctor's appointment) going to last?" Parents and other grown ups can usually answer questions like that. We answer most of their questions, most of the time. Our prior life experience have given us at least a basic guesstimate to be able to answer those kinds of questions.

Her follow up questions was yet another I could not answer. "When has this happened before?"

I replied, "On this scale, never. Never...ever...in the history of this country or in the lives of anyone we know has the whole world shut down like this. There is no precedent for this so we just don't know much or what to expect."

I think that was another answer that didn't give her much except to say it's never happened like this before. So we have no history to depend on.

I have no way of knowing how this pandemic situation is going to play out. None. I have never been through this. I don't know anyone who is alive who has been through this. There's no one to ask. There is no book or website to go to in order to get answers. Literally nobody knows. Trying to explain that to your child is discomforting to both parties.

Telling your sweet kid that you don't have any answers feels like a bit of a fail as a parent, not being able to give them some kind of comfort about time frames and why the world is turned upside down. But my hands really are tied here. Teaching her that sometimes adults don't have any answers either is the life lesson. Resilience is the life lesson. Courage, loving our neighbors, taking extreme care of ourselves and our household, these are the critical life lessons we have to teach out of this experience.

I can also teach her to continue to trust in a loving Heavenly Father because he knows all and he knows what we need to do and he knows how this will all end. And He loves us and wants to help us through hard things.

I may be the mom but I don't have any answers. But I have some answers that I think will help. As I try to help myself, my Kiddo and my family through this time there is a lot of listening to do. To my own heart, to each family member's heart. To listen to their worries and fears and talk about how we can all support each other through them. To share the things we are working through so that they know we are experiencing this too and being challenged to grow as well.

I can help make happy memories - celebrating family traditions and making new traditions. Doing fun things they will remember in years to come. I can give extra love and spend more time with each family member. I can lead the way in breaking unhealthy habits and establishing better ones.

I can make super healthy meals together with my family. We can watch something together. We can pull out our joke books and laugh at silly things. We can watch funny friends on the internet. We can share gratitudes every day. We can keep a journal so we have a history of this extraordinary time in our lives.

We may not escape the virus but we can make this worst of times, also the best of times. I remember one when I was in fourth grade. There was a terrible blizzard and for the first time in my life the school sent us all home right after lunch. The power also went out so my parents gathered mattresses around the fireplace in the living room and we all roasted marshmallows and snuggled there together for the night. While that was a time of hardship, I remember that my parents made it fun for us and I have very distinct memories of that day still.

When I think about what I want our family to bring out of this difficult and at times scary period of our lives - because we don't know what is to come yet and what the economic outcome of all this will be - I hope we have some memories to cherish, many blessings to be thankful for, and that we know we made this a time to appreciate our lives, our family and the bounty we enjoy more fully. I hope those are all things that will enrich the rest of our lives and the history of our family.
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